Friday, November 18, 2011

How Small Continual Force Beats the Larger Brute Force

PersistImage by Janellie via FlickrBy Harry Pointon

I woke up today and one of my teeth was in agony, I was not sure why, as I have never had any cavities and didn't think there was any chance I was going to have one now either. When brushing my teeth this morning I saw that I had some steak from the night before stuck in my tooth. How could a tiny piece of steak cause my tooth to hurt so much?

Then I suddenly realised that the piece of steak had been having the same effect that a brace would have, it was pushing my teeth into a new position for an extended period of time. Just a small force but because it had been applied all night it felt as if something was pushing the tooth very hard.

This is one example of how a small force that is applied for a continuous and never ending basis can cause huge changes to be made without using brute force and the results can be even better.

I mean have a think about it, you couldn't get perfectly looking teeth from using brute force could you, yet the small forces that a brace puts on the teeth for months upon months causes the teeth to move completely.

So how can we use this philosophy in everyday life to achieve more using less effort?

Well by pushing forwards a little further towards the desired goal every day. We need to get out of the habit of trying to rush our goals. When we rush we make mistakes, we hit walls far more often and as a result we lose confidence and momentum.

Momentum is the key to achieving any goal, when you lose your momentum you lose your goal, simple as. So let's look at how to keep your momentum or as I tell my personal training clients how we never plateau.

Well you progress very slowly and as a result over time this causes you to progress much quicker. How you may be asking? Well as I said when you rush you get to a point where you will make a mistake and you will stop progressing. This will cause you to lose your momentum. When you progress at a slower rate, you have time to prepare for the next stage and so you are always ready to move forward.

By moving forward by the smallest possible margin that brings about a positive change over an extended period of time, you progress a lot quicker than you would think. This is because the continuous forward movement day in day out adds up. Over a month you progress forwards towards your goal 30 times, 30 forward movements towards achieving your goal, imagine that.

So whatever your goal is big or small split it into small manageable pieces and move forward one step at a time. I can assure you that if you follow this rule not only will you keep your momentum, but you will also find it far more enjoyable as you will be getting a sense of achievement every single day as you move forward in one way or another however big or mall it is. Always be proud of the steps you take forwards and be excited to take the next step.

Whether you want to progress with business, improve your relationship, lose weight or maybe even just become a better reader. Moving forward slowly but on continuous and never ending basis is what I have found to work the best when trying to achieve your dream goals.

Harry Pointon
Health Coach

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