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Get Ahead - Be Ready - Plan for Your 2012 NOW!

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2011 - how have you done?

If you subscribe to the good habit of setting yourself goals for the year, how have you done so far? If you did set yourself some goals - did you write them down? Did you put them somewhere that you could see them every day? I hope you are pleased with your progress.

Where ever you have got to - you will have come to some realisations about yourself, and the goals you set. You will certainly have learned plenty.

One of the presuppositions of NLP is that there is no failure, only feedback. So as you look back over your year what feedback do you get? Be very honest with yourself so that you can use the feedback to clearly help you with your next steps - which can be 'what can I do now to make the last 6 weeks weeks to be really proud of. '

Where are you heading? 

The end of the year is a perfect place to review where you have got to and to look once again at where you are heading. What is it that you want in your life? What is it that you want in your career?

Make a list of all the things you want to do in your life - make a list and then categorise that list according to proximity in time - what you want to do before the year is out, the next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, the places you want to visit the things you want to do, the relationship you dream of, how the life you dream of will be what you and every one in your life will be doing in 12 months, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years time.

Many people do not know what they want. Many people have a greater sense of what they don't want. If you are one of those first of all write down what you do not want any longer in your life, and then turn each point around to what you would rather have instead - what several things would you rather have instead.

IS what you are doing now going to enable you to be or do what you most want to do in your life? If it is - fantastic! If it isn't then consider what can you do now, and get in place to do next year that will really take you to the place that you know you want to be?

What options are available to you?

Consider that if someone else can do what you dream of - then it is a certainty that you can too. All you have to do is to take action. Goals on multiple time frames keep you grounded and growing. What do you want for next year? and the next? Is it more of the same? If so that is fantastic! If not start to look outside of the box.

What options are available to you? Consider that if someone else can do what you dream of - then it is a certainty that you can too. All you have to do is to take action. So what do you need, to get where you are wanting to be?

Most people would say that their happiness depends on their health, their finances, and the time that they have, to do what they want and need to do. Most people would say that they want to have more money, to have more free time, to exercise and have fun, and enjoy their families and friends, and to feel less stressed and healthier.

They also say that typically what they are doing now wont get them to that point. So if that is true for you ... what could you do to get to where you want to get.. to have that freedom, health and happiness in your life. To live the life you were born to live.

No-one was born to doggedly endlessly serve other systems, doing tasks that in truth make little difference except to serve that system. What could you do easily in your own time this coming year that would gradually enable you to get where you really want?

The Options available - to get your dreams fulfilled

So what options are there? You can keep doing what you are doing right now - because it is exactly what you want at this moment - and that is great. Or ... go for a promotion - check out what's available, do you have the right qualifications, if not what do you need, how much will it cost, do you have the right mind set confidence to go for it?

Or ... change jobs - again check out what's available, do you have the right qualifications, if not what do you need, how much will it cost? etc etc.

Or ... take on another job to build up resources - you have to think how you will fit another schedule for another employer, around the existing time schedule for your existing job, and then how you will possible fit your life into what's remaining.

Or ... start up your own business - how much money will you require to set up, how long before you are in profit - there is no average sum to guage how much it willl cost you, but the costs, can be significant before you are in profit.

Or ... network marketing - low start up costs, more millionaires have been made through network marketing than in any other way. Work from home, in your own time - which company do you choose - you can find out which companies have consistently won the most awards, and have been in business more than 15 years, have good training, and good validated products.

Establishing your 2012 plan

Having reviewed your progress for 2011 to now. Now get ahead for 2012. Write down your goals for next year now! (nothing is cast in stone - it is always important to be flexible - flexibility lets you deal with anything that comes your way, lets you learn from adversity, and to adapt and find a better path).

Your brain needs to know where it is heading so write down your goals - write down how you will know you have achieved them. What will you be doing,what difference will achieving your goals make to you, how will other people know from how you will be that you have achieved them - get a powerful sense of how you will be when you have achieved each of your goals.

Draft a plan of how you will get to your plan (it is a good idea to work back from the achieved goal). As you work your way back from your each of your achieved goals, take note of how you did it, the people you called on to help you, the other resources you used, the obstacles you came across and how you overcame them. write dates by each stage of your plan for each of your goals.

Now write a list of the first actions you need to take, now, in the first week of January 2012. Get ahead! Now! Have fun with this. If you want assistance, coaching or more information write in to -
Clara A Gibson

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