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Evaluating Yourself - The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Cover of "Change your life"Cover of Change your lifeBy Alicia Isaacs

Do you find yourself saying, "What's the point of life or what's the point of living?" If you're not happy with the results of your life then you need to stop and evaluate yourself. Life is not worth living until you begin to really take a closer look at your life.

Have a purpose for your life

When you live your life with purpose, you're giving your life meaning; a reason for you to be here to fulfill your mission here on planet earth. Everyone has a purpose and if you do not know what your purpose is or have not created what you believe to be your purpose and are following in that direction, you'll find that you'll be going through the motions of life, waiting for the next thing to happen. You can create your life by choice.

Here are a few questions you can begin to create meaning for you to identify your purpose.

Where am I going? What's the purpose for my life? What's important to me? How am I adding value, not only to my life but to the life of others around me? How can I make a difference right where I am? What experiences have I had that I can share that will help others?

Measure your progress

Each day measure your progress. Are your actions leading you closer to fulfilling your life purpose or are they taking you further away? Knowing your life purpose is one thing but taking action towards it brings the joy and satisfaction of actually creating change.

Here's a question you can ask each day, "What have I done or what can I do today that will create the greatest impact in fulfilling my goals?"

Develop a routine for fulfilling your purpose

Routines develop habits and habits become your lifestyle. So if you create a routine towards fulfilling your purpose and put it into practice, it will become a habit and become your lifestyle. Your routine should involve action steps you perform each day towards fulfilling your purpose.

Use a journal

You could use a journal to help you in the process as you evaluate what actions steps to take, at what time you want to have each task completed and where you want to be at the end of the week, month and year. In your journal you can break down what you want to accomplish into your personal, spiritual and physical experiences. Be specific about what you want to experience in your life.

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