Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do You Make a Difference?

Social Media Marketing Hub and Spoke InfographicImage by ralphpaglia via FlickrBy Frank Abbruzzese

Are you making a difference? Do you inspire others to make a difference or are you inspired by others who make a difference? (we may have to read that last line again).

Bringing your passion and positive energy to everything and everyone you interact with makes an impact. I enjoy watching people turn everything into a positive light and make the best of any given situation.

On the business side, it is enjoyable to truly partner with clients to move their companies forward in a more efficient and profitable way by embracing technology.

As a professional, connecting individuals and creating opportunities for these individuals has a huge impact in making a difference. It is such a joy watching a new person join a discussion and feel part of the Circle.

Making a positive difference for everyone I interact with is one of my personal goals. When people thank you for connecting them with others and when they thank you for creating opportunities you know you are making a difference.

Some examples of making a difference from recent networking events I'd like to share with you: A gentleman fairly new to the Circle networking events inquired about assistance with Social Media to create his brand. There were two sets of individuals who were introduced to this gentleman to assist him with his goal. The end result was both individuals are playing a role helping to move his brand forward via Social Media Marketing.

It can be challenging to introduce yourself to someone you would like to meet. When you know someone who can introduce you it makes the process a lot easier. I personally enjoy introducing people to each other both at events and in the virtual world such as making introductions via LinkedIn.

Playing a role in individuals making new connections and receiving a thank you for making a difference makes it worth while. I enjoy watching positive activity in these kinds of efforts.

Following up with the connections you make is an important step and sometimes missed. Within a business day or two, reaching out to the person you met and thanking them for a good discussion will make an impact on this individual. Moving the conversation forward via e-mail, or suggesting a phone call or even better suggesting a brief meeting face to face. Making these kinds of follow-ups to your connections leads to long term business relationships.

What are you doing to make a difference?

Frank Abbruzzese,
AlphaKOR Group

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