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Discover Your Life Purpose and Re-Write A New Life-Story

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Discovering our life purpose is one of the most important and rewarding experiences that life has to offer. The goals of happiness and success that once felt almost impossible to achieve will begin to unfold with very little effort.

When we discover our true life purpose we will soon realize that the life-story we have been living up to this point in our lives is far too small to contain the amazing energy and passion that is now taking over and re-creating our lives.

The boundaries of our previous life will begin to feel uncomfortably small and confining. When we find our life purpose, our life and our world changes.

The thought of going back and living life as a small lazy stream of water flowing between narrow banks that confined us, and defined the limits of where we could travel, is no longer satisfying.

We begin to see with amazing clarity that the banks of that lazy stream were simply the old habits and ruts that had unconsciously controlled and limited our dreams and possibilities.

When we embrace our life purpose, we realize that we now have the passion and ability to flow wherever our heart wants to take us.

When we embrace our life purpose, re-writing our life story will no longer be an option. We will very quickly realize that with so little depth or meaning, and lack of vision, our old story was far too small for our soul.

Re-writing our life story will bring into awareness two amazing new insights.

The first thing we will discover is that our old story was not only very small, it was depressing and boring. It's no wonder we were unhappy. We were obsessively focused on the past, not the future. Like the movie Ground Hog Day, we were stuck re-living the painful traumas and wounds of the past over and over.

When we are focused on our dreams and the future; working to unfold the unlimited possibilities of the next moment and making real that which has not yet evolved in the world, our life becomes filled with passion and excitement.

The second thing we will discover is the sobering reality that while we were living our previous small life we unknowingly allowed energy draining people, well meaning people we called friends, to limit who we could become.

Energy drainers are people who rarely affirm who we are or what we are attempting to accomplish in our life. They often have little or no real interest in hearing about what excites or interests us. They tend to be very self-focused and have very little empathy for those around them.

When we attempt to share our new-found energy, dreams, and enthusiasm with energy drainers, they will either tell us we're crazy, it can't be done, or they will quickly get bored and change the subject back to a focus on themselves at the first opportunity.

When we know in our heart that these are people we need to leave behind if we want to realize our dreams and the life we are beginning to re-write for ourselves, this insight can be very painful.

We may still see these old "friends" on occasion, but the knowledge that life is too short to spend time around people that drain our energy and spirit, will keep us from putting very much time or energy into the relationship with them.

Fortunately, as our life purpose unfolds, we will find that the world is also filled with people who are capable of affirming of our ideas and dreams, people who actively encourage and support us as we struggle to re-write our life-story.

People who build our energy and encourage us to become all we can become.

They are the people we enjoy being around because they energize us by sharing in the excitement of our dreams, our accomplishments, and who we are becoming.

And when we find these new friends, we begin to experience something that was missing in our old life; the reality that true friendship is an energy that flows in both directions.

Embracing your life purpose and re-writing your life story is far-and-away the greatest and most rewarding journey you will every experience.

All you need is the courage to trust your dreams.

Dick Rauscher, M. Div., licensed mental health counselor and life coach writes Stonyhill Nuggets on paths to growth and healing and awakening our primitive ego to achieve true happiness and success in life. His articles focus on taking full responsibility for the lives we are creating for ourselves, developing the skills required to achieve happiness and become more successful in life, and incorporating the day-to-day psychological and spiritual practices needed to achieve a deeper and more authentic spirituality.

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