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Courage to Overcome All

Courage: Eight PortraitsImage via WikipediaBy Dr R Alan Seamons

As human beings, we are pain avoidant by nature. The majority of our lives are spent either directly going around "it," or developing and preparing plans to ensure we don't have to endure "it." We consume our hours and days developing financial security so as to provide ourselves with stable, happy lives void of discomfort and trauma.

The stronger our financial position, the smoother life can be. Given enough money and time, most situations can be avoided or resolved without emotion. Sorrow can be soothed, pain anesthetized, and disappointment and hurt avoided.

But, what happens if these vibrant human emotions and feelings are critical to our individual growth? What if the abilities and maturity gained in struggling, wrestling, and fighting, are only achieved in the "valley of despair?" What if the easy way, the smooth way, the direct way isn't the right way? It takes enormous courage to work through "it." It takes monumental courage to overcome all.

If certain attitudes, abilities, and experiences can only develop as part of emotional devastation, a great loss is experienced in their avoidance. I'm not advocating a life in pursuit of trials, but merely one of accepting, with a bright heart, the challenges confronted. The time will come when each of us will meet trials and hardships.

The time will come when we will not be able to rely on borrowed light. By seeing these trials as an opportunity to grow and overcome, strength is born in the heart and spirit.

Cowardice is a byproduct of avoiding duty, responsibility, or opportunity. At the end of the day, we are left with our individual spirit and soul, which is the sum total of our experiences both happy and sad.

At such times, possessions will vanish, positions will disappear, appearances will fade, inheritances will end, and relationships will fade. It's just me and the mirror. The cold reality of what I have become is all that is left. There will be no excuses, no scapegoats, and no justifications. At such times, I must ask myself, "Am I everything I was destined to be?"

In reflecting on the reality of being human, I commit now to weather the storms of life. I commit now to show courage in the face of trail and tribulations. When fears and challenges knock on my door threatening to "blow my house down," I commit now to accept them, to struggle with them, and to learn from them.

There will always be those who feel most comfortable not venturing from the warmth and security of home and hearth. Adventurous thoughts arise, but will be set aside before they can take root. But, hidden deep within the cracks and corners of life are those who prefer to look out the window and wonder what is beyond the horizon. The easiest choices in life just aren't all that fun or interesting.

Our practical voice encourages us to let the new idea go. But the other voice, the venturesome, the irresponsible, the passionate voice says, "Go for it!" Even if the path leads you down a back alley in the center of nowhere in the middle of the night with no immediate meaning, then sit back and enjoy the ride. The courageous voice of the inner child tells us that when we leap, the net will appear. Trust that inner voice.

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