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Commitment Is Part One of The Blueprint for Financial Success, Significance, and Satisfaction

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By Jim R Munchbach

"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes ... but no plans" - Peter Drucker

The process of building a home is a perfect analogy to creating a sound, effective financial plan. For that reason, I call this process "The Blueprint for Financial Success" and the first step in the process is the commitment to create your plan.

When we talk about financial plans, some people roll their eyes and think, Good grief. That sounds so boring! But having a workable plan is essential to a life of peace, contentment, and fulfillment. Blundering along in life without a plan is a sure way to raise levels of anxiety, fear, confusion, and tension between family members. It takes a little work, but the benefits are enormous!

The Blueprint has three sections: defining your purpose, a snapshot of your current financial position (I call this a "fearless financial inventory"), and your specific financial life goals. Making the commitment to have a plan is the first and maybe the most important step of the financial planning process.

Your financial plan is the engine that propels toward your goals and a good plan includes the nuts and bolts that relate to the next step of each of your goals. The Blueprint for Financial Success was designed to put all the nuts and bolts together so that you meet your goals.

Financial life planning may begin with a commitment to responsibility, but it results in tremendous satisfaction. A friend told me about the sheer delight of providing for his now grown children.

He said, "When my kids were little, I wanted to be sure they had a good education. I knew I couldn't afford to send them to an expensive college, but I wanted to at least send them to a state university. My wife and I started a college fund for them, and by the time they went to college, we had enough. I remember the enormous sense of satisfaction when I wrote that first check for my daughter's tuition, room, and board. And I felt the same way every semester for her four years and my son's four years, too. I had done what I set out to do, and it felt great!"

When you want to build a great house, you hire a builder who has some great house plans, and then you can tell him exactly what you can afford and what matters most. Once you've seen some of the great plans available, you can decide on a specific plan for your house. Financial planning is like building a great house. The Blueprint will always have a few changes along the way. In order to Make Your Money Count, you need a plan.

Why wait. Start your plan today.


Jim Munchbach offers financial workshops in Houston, Texas. Jim wrote Make Your Money Count because he believes good money management is a discipline that builds financial, emotional, as well as spiritual muscle.
With gripping and heart-warming stories, Jim highlights powerful principles that provide clarity and a strong sense of direction in the journey to success, significance, and satisfaction.

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