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Changing the Way You Look at Things Changes the Things You Look At

The social self.The Social Self - Image via WikipediaBy Jamie E Tyler

About two years ago, a friend of mine decided to step into my life for keeps, and start coaching me into a higher way of being. This higher way was simply changing one's attitude and perception.

My friend had witnessed my abusive father manipulate me, abuse me, and treat me, as if I was the cause of all of my problems, instead of owning his own behavior and responsibility as a parent.

I used to think I had ADD, Bi-polar disorder, and was "useless," "unable to do anything for myself," or the worst belief I was taught was "I cannot survive without him, and my needs are always second to his."

Yes, my dad really did treat me this way and teach me these things, and I had no other source to contrast to give me a different view and ideology that might prove him wrong! (And that's exactly what he wanted, no wonder I couldn't do sleep overs, but smoking pot at home was perfectly OK!).

Now, you might as yourself "Why is this woman airing out her dirty laundry in an article tagged as Inspirational?"

To answer your question, my breakthrough came about by changing the way I looked at things, by becoming "inspired" to change my perception.

That simple. Adjusting my attitude, and changing my perception. A very small tweak was all it took. Two hard, grueling, but wonderfully growth inducing years later I am free of any "mental illnesses", healthy, thinner and far more productive.

The very first step to changing anything in your life, is changing how you look at it.

If what you have been attempting to change has failed time and time again ... find a quiet place to sit, a pad and pen, and write down step by step, what you did and how you were feeling and thinking in regard to how you've tried to tackle your problems.

The second step, write on that pad and paper, what you could do differently that might provide better results!
The third and last step is go do it! Change it up!

The KEY here is to take a RISK.

What is the payoff of continuing a method that has failed you time and time again?

Usually the payoff for most people is the illusion of safety. I say illusion because it is NOT safe to knowingly sabotage yourself because taking a risk to do something different might not work.

Take a risk! Go ahead and FAIL! Have FUN failing! Know and have faith that if you keep trying to find alternative methods of attitude adjustment and tackling your problems and issues from different angles, you'll succeed sooner or later.

All of that energy you put into the monotony of doing the same thing over and over, and keeping the same attitude, will be channeled into a "higher state of being".

Go ahead, give it a try! Write down all of your problems, issues, and unique hardships, as well as how you've tried to fix it in the past, and take a chance at tackling it from a different angle.

Complacency and laziness won't fix a thing my friends! If I can do it, ANYONE can!

It is within us, where our answers lie. Only when we are mirrored with love from others, do we rediscover them - Jamie Tyler.

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