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Can You Accept Change in Your Life?

ChangeImage by mbgrigby via FlickrBy Andy Pitt

Change is part of nature; it occurs every second of the day, within your body and in the world that you live in.

Change is a necessary part of life, but, as people, we tend to fight it because we fear what these changes might bring. When you think back on your life, the most difficult times were usually those that taught you lessons you might never have learned, and as fire molds steel, you usually come out stronger and molded with a purpose you might not have had before.

Stop Fighting the Inevitable

When we fight change, we fight our inherent nature and this is when we become stagnant, unhappy and without a purpose. Accepting change might not always prevent the difficult times that are presented to us through these changes, but it will make it easier for you to accept these challenges and learn from them.

Fighting change is much like fighting a storm; while you waste all of your energy trying to prevent the inevitable, the storm will simply continue on its course, uninhibited by your frugal attempts. You might be able to prevent change for a few moments, weeks or even years, but one day it will arrive on your doorstep, and the only way to prevent it from tearing the house down is to greet it as you would a long lost friend and let it in.

Can you Accept Change in your Life: Welcoming Small Changes

Can you accept change in your life? Some of us are more used to change than others; travelers flit through cities, barely remembering where they last lay their heads, while there are some that refuse to leave the home they purchased twenty years before, even if it is crumbling beneath their feet.

Change is something that you can learn, however, if you start accepting it in small pieces. Try something new every day, no matter how small or big the task, and you will soon find that change is opportunity in disguise. Even the challenges that it brings are rough stones that we can use to fine tune our abilities, and ourselves, so that we can face life with braver hearts, ready to rise above the tides that roll our way.

Life is an Adventure and Change is our Steed

As children, we tend to be more open to change. We tend to be more excited about visiting new places, trying new foods and activities, and meeting new people. This zest for life need not be lost along the way.

Change is not a burden that you need to carry to call yourself human; it is the steed that carries us on our adventure through life; one that we should welcome with open arms whenever it rears its head. The next time you are asked, "can you accept change in your life?" the answer you should give should be an excited and determined "yes!"

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