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The Best Ways to Break a Bad Habit

bad habitsImage by malloreigh via FlickrBy Jeremy Brown

There are many ways to break bad habits, all of which require brute force and iron will power, and all of which eventually end in relapse as the "broken" habit reassembles itself.

So rather than discussing the breaking of bad habits, we're going to look at some ways to release negative behavior patterns and create positive patterns in their place. Let's begin with the most important behavior of all.

Change The Way You Speak to Yourself

Our choice of words says a lot about out internal state at any given moment. It also reinforces that state by communicating to ourselves and others our true intentions. When someone tells me they want to "break" a bad habit, that tells me that they see the habit as a force outside of themselves that they must fight and destroy. Their whole mindset is one of a confrontation that must necessarily have a winner and a loser.

A habit is nothing more than a pattern of behavior that we have allowed to gain momentum over time. Fighting against that would be like trying to stop a boulder rolling down a hill by standing in front of it. Who's going to be the loser in that situation?

Instead of trying to break the habit, why not decide to release the pattern of behaviors that no longer serves you?

Instead of ever saying that you can't do something, why not ask yourself "What can I do to get where I want to be?"

Whenever you find yourself saying that you should do something, which is really just a way of telling yourself that you never really plan on doing it, why not say to yourself, "After I do this my life will be so much better because...", and then list all the ways in which your life will improve. Really get involved in the process and visualize the desirable outcomes as clearly as possible.

This one simple change will immediately cure any tendency towards procrastination since you are now communicating all the benefits of the new behavior you want to acquire to your subconscious mind. After a lifetime of "should" and "could" and "can't," your subconscious will probably feel like it has just discovered an oasis after a long trek through a barren desert.

Choose your words and visualizations with purpose and deep feeling, and your subconscious will be motivated to lend you any resources and insights you need to follow through on any goal you set for yourself.

Another excellent method of releasing negative behavior patterns is with well-designed subliminal hypnosis programs.

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