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Why Become a Life Coach?

Author, life coach, and motivational speaker T...Tony Robbins - Image via WikipediaBy Carrie Muir

Why do people become Life Coaches? What is the pull? Well there are many reasons why people seek to coach others.

There are many reasons, some that will work and enable you to go on and become an effective coach and there are also reasons that will mean you will be doomed to failure. So lets explore both sides of this coin.

Most would say it is a desire to help others that is behind their wish to become a Life Coach. To feel that they have facilitated a change in another person's life is immensely rewarding and gratifying. The pertinent point here is to explore your motives behind the initial view of wanting to help others.

Is it that you feel you are somehow better than others? or that you have the answers where others do not? I suggest to you if these are your motives then you will never succeed as a Life Coach for those reasons contradict the very essence of what Life Coaching is all about.

Some desire to be a Coach because they believe it is a way to earn a great income; and so it is. However, if your sole motive is to make money out of other people then that is a motive that will lead to disaster for you. People will see through your facade of wanting to help them and see the real truth that you just want their money.

Neither of these motivations will lead to effective coaching or a successful business. So what will?

Lets look at what motivations will lead to becoming a successful and effective Coach. Lets explore the real rewards of being an outstanding Coach. By rewards I mean the emotional satisfaction and joy in seeing others succeed through our help and not the material gains that come with it. Of course material gain is a part of it, in the concept of fair exchange we pay others for their service to us. This is the nature of life.

Someone gives us something and we pay for it. With coaching it so happens that the service we give has life changing consequences for our clients of enormous proportions. What price total freedom? What price releasing the shackles of years that have held us back? What price being able to achieve that long held dream?

The very essence of Coaching is to help others see for themselves that which they have been unable to see on their own. For often when we are in trouble or have lived for years or even decades, with a mind-set that does not serve us, that somehow we are unworthy of wealth or success, we are so embedded in these negative beliefs about ourselves that it can be almost impossible to change that perspective without outside help.

Sometimes we are so "programmed" by life to expect the worse that we can not possible believe that we are able to set up our own business or go for that top paying promotion or new job.

This is where the real magic of Coaching occurs. By helping others to realise and see just what magnificence they have within themselves that they can achieve anything they want in life. This magic can only ever really happen when we are so far along our own personal growth paths that we can truly relish the success of others.
When our motivations come from a genuine desire to see others succeed. When we are able to value and appreciate others for the people they are and have no desire to impose our own values onto them, rather to help them identify and live according to what is most important to them. Irrespective of whether their choices coincide with our own or not. These are the skills of the best coaches. These are the motivations of the successful Coaches.

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