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3 Quotes That Make Self-Improvement 'Simple'

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How to improve oneself?

Well, it could be as simple as reading this self-improvement article, but I seriously doubt it. It could be as simple as listening (and watching) how others do it, but you know better than just to rely on the actions of others don't you. Or it could be taking right action, relentlessly so...

Or it could be a combination of all of the above, taking right actions as guided to do so by those who have done similarly, but always remembering to rely on your judgment.

This article will attempt to prove the case for the last option - taking the right sorts of actions, right for you that is. And I include 3 self-improvement quotes to help make that case...

Self-Improvement Quote #1:
"People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy."
- Oliver Goldsmith

Learning from others is pretty much how we learn to do most things as a child, I'm sure you'll agree. And when we become a teenager the influence of our peers is not far away. And then adulthood hits us, and we know all we need to know to do life 'our way'.

Except we don't. What we really know is that some parts of 'life' come easier for us than others; that maintaining successful relationships can be frustrating; and that the 'life skills' class seems to a never-ending one whose lessons get harder and harder.

Truth is, we can bumble along in life, blaming others for our failures and taking sole praise for our successes, or we can realise that it is ALWAYS useful to find a mentor or two to model ourselves on.

The mentor could be a family member or a friend or even a famous faraway type. But some kind of role model is always useful to be guided by, when it comes to developing certain aspects of our self.

Else you might find yourself seriously stuck in life, and making the same mistakes over and over again...

Inspirational Quote #2:
"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for."
- Socrates

Sometimes it's okay to learn from so-called self-help 'gurus'. Some of these people have struggled a great deal in life so that they now come to an understanding of how much easier life is when you take X action and have Y attitude.

These learned men and women understand themselves really well, and (usually) have a good way of explaining their reality so that it becomes your reality.

Then their journey, which might have taken a lifetime, can help shorten your own journey, as long - of course - as you DO what these people suggest you do, trusting your judgemental as you do so...

Self-Improvement Quote #3:
"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."
- Confucius

If you don't take actions, even the opposite actions to what some 'guru' suggests you take, then you're going nowhere in your journey of life - nowhere, slow. Development and growth can ONLY occur by your taking actions, preferably right actions.

So you put into practice what your mentor suggests; you do what the self-help guru urges you to do, also; and then, then you see how it works out in your life, and adjust accordingly.

As long as you take right actions, and reflect on how it actually works for you, then you'll grow as a human being... guaranteed!

And if you find that some of these so-called 'right actions' don't actually work then even better. Just as long as you know what DOES work for you, you can maybe become a self-help guru of your own and then come full circle and end up helping others shorten their life-journeys too.

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