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2 Quotes to Help With Your Personal Development

InspirationImage by Todd Huffman via FlickrBy Steve Nash

Personal development is all the rage these days, isn't it?

Everyone and their sister seems to be urging us on to bigger and better things. And for what? So we can improve ourselves as individuals, or so we can add to the bottom line of an ever-burgeoning self-help industry.

Well, let me offer you an antidote to all the noise out there, re personal development. And I'll charge you exactly zero dollars for the privilege (yes, that's US dollars too - hmm!). All I need is your full attention, and the services of 2 personal development inspirational quotes I happened to notice a week or so ago.
Then your personal development is assured (read on)...

Personal Development Quote #1:
"In learning to know other things, and other minds, we become more intimately acquainted with ourselves, and are to ourselves better worth knowing."
- Philip Gilbert Hamilton

Hmm, this is a long-winded way of saying 'get involved'! Get involved with life, with the people you meet in it (even those people you take a bit of a disliking to). Take part, stretch yourself, and have a bit of a laugh.

And don't keep count on how 'successful' you are - oh no! Keeping count, or comparing yourself to others, is the number one way of stopping anyone do anything of use.

So get involved, don't keep count, and I bet you'll find that your life just a got a whole lot more interesting and stimulating. You'll be doing new things, meeting new people and finding out how much you can do than you ever realised...

Personal Development Quote #2:
"Today's action becomes tomorrow's habit."
- Anon

Ah, lovely. All that doing new stuff today, becomes doing 'old, familiar stuff' you keep on doing tomorrow. AND, the habit you have of trying new things grows - yes, that's right, it's important that you keep on trying new things, keep on developing yourself as a human being.

Just imagine, remember for a moment, that one person you know who's never afraid to try out new stuff! Yes, they're usually quite self-confident. Yes, they're usually quite good at the new stuff they try. And, yes, they don't mind that much when they're not so good either. The thing that you always notice about this person, that everyone else notices too? They laugh a lot! Yes, they laugh a lot AND they laugh an awful lot at themselves!

Now just imagine that this person is... you! How does that feel, huh!

What exactly is the development of self if it's not the stretching of who someone thinks they are, and what they think they are capable of?

Follow the ethos of this article - do more, be more, enjoy and then repeat every day - and you WILL develop as a human being, it's guaranteed.

And you'll not have to read any more articles on personal development, either - which will be an added bonus, no?

But for those non-believers out there, who always think that there's more to read first, and more to learn, then why not check out this page (if you must!)
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