Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Totally Awesome Power Of Taking Action

Cover of "Taking Action"Cover of Taking ActionBy June McHardy

I've always known how important it is to have goals, and that once you have written goals you need to take action towards achieving them. I just didn't expect to have it pointed out to me so graphically as the particular day that I started feeling a little less than confident about my car!

I suppose I'd better start at the beginning. For a while now, the car has needed some work done. After all, it's not getting any younger and I've been starting feeling a vague dissatisfaction with it.

One gloomy day, my husband and I were out for a drive. We'd just been through a very rough time with our business and were listening to a motivational tape to buoy ourselves up. This specific message once again stressed that there are really no limits to what we can be, have or do once we have just made the decision. No limits? REALLY? All right. then, why not go for a Mercedes?

We were out for a drive anyway, so we took a small detour over to the local Mercedes dealer. Wow! there were some wonderful cars there! A couple of the older models really caught my eye and I could see that we actually could plan on owning a Mercedes some day, and who knows? - maybe even sooner than we think! We drove home wondering how we could make it a reality.

The next morning we woke up and found that our car had been stolen out of the apartment parking lot during the night. Our car missing? No! This only happens to other people!

The insurance company was very good and paid for a rental car. Of course, they didn't have a small one available and upgraded us to luxury model - wonderful! Since our car had been a popular choice for thieves the insurance adjuster decided to wait only two weeks before making a settlement - and it turned out to be an excellent one due to a top-of-the-line paint job we'd had done a year ago.

On Friday we got our settlement and on Saturday morning we found the perfect car - newer and of a higher quality. It was just what we wanted and was in superb condition! We were able to negotiate that car for the exact settlement price. The following Thursday we took possession of the new car and proudly drove it off the lot.

... And we knew without the slightest doubt that THIS was our "Mercedes". We had manifested our goal through desire and action!

The next night we got a phone call from the local police. They had found our stolen car!

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