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Why People Fail: Top 10 Out of the Box Reasons

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"The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure" said Sven Goran Eriksson.

Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin and they don't leap much ahead of each other. Many people generally fail their goals because they lose hope much ahead of their deadlines. People fail because they think that they will fail. It's all in our minds that compel us to believe that we will not succeed much before attaining the final stage of the results.

Fighting with this so called failure-phobia mindset, many people tried to explain the question 'why people fail'. Most of the comments roam about the fact that people fail because they don't have the required will power to succeed. By giving a close look at the top failure reasons that people normally gives, one thing becomes clear that the 'failure' could have easily been overcome, but something went missing.

Let's find out this 'something's and also the top failure reasons:

1. We blame others for our failure
This may not be the case with you, but majority of people make the excuse that they fail/failed their goals because of the fault of other people. This mentality makes them habitual with the process of failure, because every time they fail they find some reasons to blame upon. Blaming others is one most destructive reason why people fail. Once you start accepting your failures, you would automatically get the courage required to fight back stronger in the next stage.

2. Lack of Trust
Lack of trust is also holds a good position in the top failure reasons. May be sometimes in the past you were turned down by someone else. This doesn't mean that everybody will do the same. Without any support from others succeeding seems quite difficult in the present time. In one or two cases, you might feel the joy of success by not keeping faith on others, but in the long run you must trust others.

3. Trying to get rich quicker
Another common factor behind the massive failures is the thirst of getting rich quicker. Well, there is no harm if you want to get rich. But, problem arises when somebody wants to earn money in a quicker and easier way. If somebody runs after these kinds of quick success, they are sure to fail their goals, sooner or later. It is very truly said that, there is no alternative to hard work and there is no get rich quick scheme in the world.

4. Self-centric attitudes
No matter, whether it is a business, study or any other related stuff, self-centric attitudes are really harmful for everyone, and therefore it is widely considered as one of the top failure reasons. Until and unless somebody adopts a wide perspective view to his/her daily activities; s/he is sure to fail his/her goals.

5. Lack of self-dependence
Many people, instead of counting on their own, seem to concentrate on the others. This tendency takes them well out of the track and consequently they fail their goals.. Focus well on your goal and have faith in yourself; you can easily overcome the barriers that come on the way to success.

6. Unable to determine the goals
Many a times, we don't know what are we doing, what are we running after. Yes, we follow our responsibilities pretty well, but we don't realize why we are doing so. It's not about running fast in a race course it is our life filled with certain goals and there must be a finishing line to it too.

7. Shaking hands with chiseler
The ever green line 'honesty pays' is not only a mere advice, it is a solid base ignorance of which is a prominent reason why people fail. No one can ever make permanent success by lying on some false approaches. Fallacious methods are meant for short term success only.

8. Criticizing Others
This is another reason why people fail most of the time. Instead of looking after their own faults, they get busy in pointing fingers on others. Criticism is nothing but a total wastage of time when done and aimed on others; avoid this, concentrate on your own faults and the duties to overcome them.

9. Habit of quitting before the game is over
In this world, we are only the players; we don't make all the rules all the time. And this is why we can't determine who is going to make it or else is going to break it. So, how can we run away before it is all over? Without focusing on the results, it is better to keep on playing as long as the game lasts.

10. Fear of Finale
Many times, it happens that we perform quite well in the early stages, but whenever we come to the end part we get shattered and lose focus. This is one of the biggest reasons why people fail their goals just before touching their success stars.

Reading all these 10 out of the box reasons, one should always try to avoid them at the best possible level. Avoiding them and focusing on what is actually required is the path to your success.

Go on, have a look and prepare a checklist if you have any of these factors within you. Don't stop at there, take some action and prioritize the tasks that need your best attention to overcome them.

Aloha to your success ahead!

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