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What Are Your Goals?

goalImage by smemon87 via FlickrBy Susan Leigh

Goals in life are important. They motivate us to try harder, to keep on going when times are hard and they inspire us to dig deep and improve. But often goals incorporate several different factors in order to achieve true success. They can require various areas of our lives to co-operate.The ultimate goal for many people is, on reflection, to be happy.

Let's look at what your goals are and what they entail.

- Money is often equated with success as it is often the result of effort, improvement and accomplishment. Often, though, the more we earn the more freely we enjoy spending; improving our home, car, lifestyle. Then follows the pressure to maintain that level of earning. It is often extremely expensive to maintain living to a certain style and that in itself can become a goal. Simply to continue earning the money to maintain the lifestyle that we originally aspired to.

Many people become disillusioned with the lack of happiness and satisfaction that monetary success brings. It is not uncommon for people to walk away from high income jobs in an attempt to find satisfaction and fulfillment in other ways.

- Relationships and a settled family life are often the ultimate goal for many people. We look to our families and want them to have the things that make them happy. Those things may translate into possessions, holidays, a nice home and a good education. But frequently we come to realise that a happy family is the one that spends time together, builds close relationships based on love, respect and affection. Appreciating that can help us to revise our goals.

- Career satisfaction is an important goal for many people as we often spend more time at work than anywhere else. This goal often links with improving qualifications and a commitment to ongoing training. Continuous professional development is an important part of the plan in order to better improve career prospects.

Good work relationships are an important consideration for many people. Supporting others and feeling supported, building good team relationships helps people work towards their professional goals whilst feeling encouraged and respected.

- Physical fitness is a goal for good health. Many people have more leisure time and want to feel inspired to achieve something special and motivational. There is an increasing level of interest in challenge based hobbies, like trekking in remote areas or running marathons, skiing, outward-bound pursuits. Many people enjoy setting a personal challenge to improve their golf handicap or their stamina and fitness levels.

- Spiritual contentment is an important goal for many people. Whether it be through charitable work, a closer connection to faith and religion or improving their bond with nature, many people find that moving along a more spiritual path is the ultimate goal to achieve happiness and satisfaction. Achieving inner peace and contentment can bring a sense of fulfillment and inner calm.

Goals are often an important way of adding interest to what we do. They provide something to work towards whilst trying to improve ourselves. The most powerful goals are the ones that enable us to feel positive whilst we are making the effort. In many cases the commitment of working towards a goal is more satisfying and inspirational that the eventual outcome.

Many people find that over time, they start to drift in a rather aimless fashion, getting through each day without focus, goals or any real direction. They then suddenly realise that years have passed them by in a flash. Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works to help people re-establish their focus in life and become more confident and motivated about their goals. Improve your quality of life and read more of her articles.

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