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Two Gerald G Jampolsky Quotes To Inspire Your Greatness

Cover of "Love Is Letting Go of Fear"Cover of Love Is Letting Go of FearBy Steve Nash

Gerald G Jampolsky is the author of one of the most inspiring self-help books I've ever read. The book is not very long, but the wisdom (and love) inside "Love is Letting Go of Fear" is truly inspirational. It both challenges you to see the love inside yourself, the love inside another, and to recognise the fear in both too.

I believe that IF you DO what Gerald Jampolsky suggests in his book then you will truly transform your life, and the life of those around you, for the better. And the Gerald G Jampolsky inspirational quotes I include in this article is a good example of how you can inspire your own greatness.

Inspirational Quote #1:
"A truly creative person rids him or herself of all self-imposed limitations."
- Gerald Jampolsky

Most of us blame our limitations on others. Someone told us we couldn't do it, one time - maybe our parents or siblings, or maybe it was a teacher at school - and we continue to believe that we can't do it because of this. So we blame them for our limitations.

But the stark truth is, there is only one person to blame for our perceived limitations and that is OURSELVES - we are to blame! Admittedly, it doesn't help when someone tells you "you can't", especially when you're told this (or believe you've been told this) at an early age. But it is still an opinion, no more, no less.

So there is no doubt that, as an adult, when you think of doing something that you believe you can't do (examples in my case would be sing in front of people, do open mic stand-up comedy, even attempt to do Do-It-Yourself at home) then you usually don't do them.

And you don't do them, because YOU'VE limited yourself - you are your own worst critic; the voices of doubt you hear the loudest are the voices in your head; they are YOUR LIMITATIONS in YOUR MIND. So Gerald, in his simplicity, simply urges us to know our mind-made limitations and release ourselves from them. And we need no permission from anyone else first, to do this.

The naysayers (if they still exist) are simply projecting their own limitations on you. Ignore them. Even better, inspire them by your actions to shake off their limitations too. Loosening yourself from your limitations is a win-win game for all concerned...

Inspirational Quote #2:
"You can be right or you can be happy."
- Gerald Jampolsky

What bigger self-imposed limitation can there be than the desire to be right. Or, rather - let's be accurate, here - the desire to NOT BE WRONG!

So powerful is the desire to not be wrong, that most of us are completely unaware that we even have it. But have it, we do.

When, for example, was the last time you actually admitted to being wrong? Was it proven beyond all reasonable doubt, first? And did you 'confess' to your 'crime' willingly or begrudgingly? (did you lose your temper, maybe?). Can you even admit, now, to yourself that you don't like being wrong?

Being right, or 'not being wrong' is a VERY powerful force in all of our lives, believe me. There are social statuses to uphold, our status at work could be under threat, our very existence as who we are, even, could be challenged IF we admit to being wrong. However, as Gerald again simply states it, this desire to 'not be wrong' is robbing you, and me, of our natural state of happiness.

So I simply ask you now, sitting there in front of your screen, would it be really be that terrible if you could even admit, right now, that you really don't like being wrong? "I don't like being wrong!" I wish it were not true, but it is.

As for you, a similarly honest answer to this question would be a start - a start at accessing the incredible and empowering happiness that is innate in all of us. Available once we release our need to be right. Available, too, once we relinquish our other limiting beliefs.

So, Gerald G Jampolsky I salute you! And I urge YOU to read his incredible, inspiring book. And you can read and hear (and see) what I think of another Gerald G Jampolsky inspirational quote at

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