Sunday, June 26, 2011

Say "I Can" Now And Fill In Your Blank

i can on 19 February 2010 - day 50Image by Leonard John Matthews via FlickrBy Shelli Thompson

Are you like millions of other people in the world today that needs to get permission?

Permission to be happy
Permission to be successful
Permission to be wealthy

Who is going to give you permission to do any of these things? Most people are so busy just taking it for them self. You need to give your self permission to have all of those things by using the two most powerful words in the world.

When a desire is added to the end of these two words if forms a complete sentence. These two words need to be heard and repeated over and over again. We need to use these two words every day in place of some other words that are less positive.

These two words "I CAN" are the two most empowering words that your ears can hear you say.

Why is it so important to hear I CAN?

I can be happy
I can be successful
I can be wealthy

Yes you can be all of these things. Give your self permission and take action. When you become truly aware that all we see is the human form however, what lies under that are cells and tissues that get broken down into smaller and smaller parts until we are just atoms.

Little energetic atoms vibrating and moving at the speed of light, all contained by the field of our body. The slightest movement or sound effects the speed of the vibration just like your thoughts affect your mood.

If your pool of energy was a pond with a mirror finish, calm and beautiful And you threw in a rock, what do you suppose would happen? There would be a splash and then several ripples that gravitate out in a circle and affect all of the water around it.

When we raise our vibration it works just like that rock. It spreads a circle and effects all of the vibrations around it. Vibrations from other humans, animals, plants and the entire universe.

The two words I CAN have the capability of raising your vibration so much that you will notice a change in your world. A positive feeling of energy that is so strong that it just makes you feel good.

That feeling that you get of feeling so good is absolutely addictive. You will never want to go back to the way you felt before!

I know you can, now you just need to know you can.

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