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Raising the Bar - The Importance of Having Goals in Life

Goals, Goals, GoalsImage by lululemon athletica via Flickrby Janet Eisenbise

Meeting goals is sometimes thought of as a problem of time management. We all have the same number of hours in the day. We cannot change this limit as a factor in accomplishing our goals.

Instead we would be better served by getting clear about what our highest priorities are. Learning to focus on what activity will move us closer to our intended goals is what we need to do. What is most important to you? Does your schedule reflect that?

Recently I returned from a short vacation to Chicago where I had a great time visiting family and being the tourist. Since coming home I have been challenged to get back in the working groove and concentrate on what needs to be done. Do you sometimes have this problem?

When I worked for a large company, my schedule was pretty much determined for me, which in the past was the answer in part to the back-from-vacation-fog. I knew when I had to show up and what was expected of me. And even if my feet were dragging a bit, I DID show up and eventually gained momentum with the job at hand.

But what if you own a business, or what if the goals you are working on aren't managed by someone else?

Then the losses and gains are all yours and the responsibility for them is all yours too.

It occurred to me that although we often hear about "time management," it really isn't a problem of time. We all have the same 24 hours and there is nothing we can do to manage that. I think instead that it is a priority problem. In other words, with the time you have available, what are your priorities with what you get done in it? What is most important? What is less important?

Check out your list of what you desire in your life (you do have a list, don't you?). The number one item on your list may be to have a good relationship with your spouse. Or to deepen your spiritual life. Or maybe you want to improve your health by becoming more fit. Or the number one thing on your list may be to increase your income.

Whatever it is, after you identify the thing that is most important to you, check your schedule for the past week or few weeks and see how much time you dedicated to it. Does your schedule reflect your priority? Maybe more important, how much time were your thoughts focused on this in a positive way? Remember, we become what we think about most of the time!

One way to tell whether you are focused on your goal in a positive way is to observe how you are feeling when you think of them. If you feel good and more energized, then it is positive. If you are feeling bad and deflated, chances are you are thinking about the LACK of what you desire. And guess what? You will be getting more of that.

A short-term goal then would be to feel good every day; focus on what you DO desire and feel good while you do that. Make sure that you have put some time in your schedule for the day or week for taking small steps toward that goal that is your priority. Before long, you will be much more aligned in your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and bringing to yourself exactly what you desire.

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