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Path to Prosperity: Reset How You Think and Speak

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For one week, notice your thoughts, conversations and actions every day. Write down what you notice.

I remember the first time I did this exercise I was very sure that I was a positive person and that I would not notice any of those negative things that my meditation teacher told us to watch for.

Oh, there may have been a thought or even a conversation that might have been interpreted as negative, but I always had a justification for why it was not negative.

Bottom line ... I was greatly disappointed that I was not the absolutely perfect positive person I thought I was ... it was overwhelming at first.

One of the critical steps of this process is noticing and appreciating being a human being ... embracing your humanity ... and being entertained by it.

Being a living breathing PRACTICING perfectionist when I first began this work (just another one of those mischievous negative belief structures) I criticized and judged myself ruthlessly.

Hmmmm ... negative thoughts? What do you think? I just could not see the negative at that time.

Here is a basic structure to follow each day to start resetting how you think and speak:

Choose to say good things about yourself and others - I know ... I know ... you don't mean anything by it or it's the truth ... there are so many justifications for talking negatively about yourself and others. Plain and simple rule is 'Don't Do It'.

Talking negatively can be habitual and difficult to break the cycle at first. Announce your intention to people who surround you. Don't be surprised if they are interested in breaking the same habit.

Make a game out of it in your family or workplace. Each person places $.25 in a jar every time they talk negatively about themselves or others. Decide how someone can win the money pot at the end of a month of week.

Speak life-giving declarations of what you want in your life - declarations are affirmations on steroids.

Declarations are the truth and affirmations are what you want to be the truth.

An example of a declaration: "I'm in the process of speaking powerfully about myself and others". An example of an affirmation: "I always speak positively about myself and others".

Once again, declarations speak the truth and affirmations do not. Your body will react and resist down to the cellular level when you are not speaking the truth. Discover how to write declarations and use them everyday.

Remove negative thoughts, beliefs and conversations - there are multiple ways to delete negative thought and belief patterns. My favorite is Yuen Method, but there is also EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Resonance Repatterning, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Matrix Energetics, AOT (Allergy Overload Technique) and many others.

Research all of the resources and choose one that works for you to start removing negative thoughts, beliefs and conversations today.

If you would like to read more about this subject, research for all 8 articles about "7 Steps To Create an Abundant Life Environment".

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