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Our Response To Discouragement Holds The Key To Our Future

PersistencePersistence - Image by Leonard John Matthews via Flickrby Larry Steele

Discouragement is part of life. It can come from problems in your family, your church, your need for a job, the battle for the future of our country, and even the status of the economy. But we must face it and move on in spite of the discouragement. This holds the key to our future success that we are moving on to accomplish things knowing that there will be more discouragement in our future.

Who hasn't gone through a phase of discouragement in the midst of failure? It is natural to feel like abandoning what we have started when everything else seem to go against our goals. In fact it is easier to just pack up and go, and forget that we ever started a project that has given us shame and loss of face. It might even seem be the right decision at the moment to quit and cut our losses.

However, only a defeatist would think of remaining on the ground after a knockout. A winner will not be put down by discouragement to simply throw in the towel and say "I quit!" For John Maxwell, how we respond to discouragement will determine whether we will succeed or fail in the future. He noted that when faced with the prospect of failure and discouragement, there are two kinds of people in the world - splatters and bouncers.

Splatters are those who fall flat and stay down, unwilling to face the next round and continue the fight. And the other, bouncers are able to rebound and go on to fight until the final bell.

It is understandable to think of hanging up your gloves when faced with a formidable opponent but you still have a choice. Your attitude will largely determine whether you are going to fight or simply give up. Fighting means you need to train and strengthen your resolve to win, physically and mentally.

If you decide to fight and overcome discouragement, you may not win the fight in the end but you will still have your self-worth intact and can, with authority, speak to the world about overcoming discouragement. Quitting would leave your self-doubt festering and eventually cause your failure in everything else you 'almost' attempt to try.

It is your decision whether you want to be a splatter or a bouncer. In either case, know that a little encouragement can go a long way to help you regain your composure and go on. You can overcome discouragement by deciding to move forward regardless of the discouragement.

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Larry Steele

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