Friday, June 17, 2011

Is Your Will Strong Enough To Move Forward?

Anything GoesImage by JD Hancock via FlickrBy Shelli Thompson

Will you take out the garbage? ...

Will you do the laundry? ...

Will you make dinner? ...

We know these are things that we just have to do. Will we do them? That is the question and to what degree.

The reason that we talk this way goes way back. In order to get these things done we need to "WILL" our self to do them. And to what degree do they get done? Depends on how we feel right? We may not be that hungry so how big a meal are we going to make?

A person with a strong will always get mega-sized projects done. Their will is very strong and that allows them to charge through many tasks. The will of a strong person is determined in their mind. Don't mistake this with the brain, that is an organ in charge of getting physical things done.

The mind is in charge of organizing, the brain is in charge of getting things done. Your mind is the boss, it makes the decisions and tells the body what needs to be done, the body knows who the boss is but that doesn't mean that there aren't any arguments. The body sometimes is lazy and looks for the easy way out.

Have you ever had one of those "GUT FEELINGS" just about everyone has at one time or another. That "churned-up" kind of sick feeling and maybe your hands start sweating and you get some prickles on the back of your neck. Wonder where that comes from?

The center of your mind is in your chest. That's why you feel it in your "gut". You can will yourself to believe just about anything, you can use your will to get some amazing things accomplished.

What you experience creates a tidal wave of chemical reactions in your body and that is where all of those butterflies come from, these are the "gut feelings" that you should pay attention to.

Being scared or stressed creates Cortisol among other things. Happiness and love create endorphins among other substances and it goes so much deeper than that because each of these substances creates a reaction somewhere else in the body, just like a tsunami.

Pay attention to your gut feelings and learn how to grow your WILL and your entire world will grow.

First you need to grow your belief that you WILL accomplish everything and more than you have ever imagined. As your imagination grows along with your WILL, you will become aware that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING ANYWHERE.

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