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Goal Setting: Why You Need to Set Meaningful and Positive Goals

Goal SettingImage by lululemon athletica via Flickrby Rusty O'Connor

There is a big difference between having a dream and having a goal. A dream is something that we see off in the future. Some general ideal that we want to happen. However, without a goal it will always stay in the future.

A goal on the other hand doesn't always seem as pretty as a dream, and more likely than not it will have some hard work attached to it, but it serves a much better purpose to help you achieve success. The most undesirable component that most people find is that it is set in present time, not the future, so if you follow it you are forced to take action straight away. It is basically a dream in overalls!

Why are we talking about this you may be wondering, and how does it relate to meaningful and positive goals? The answer lies in the fact that unless your goals are specific and meaningful to you, then chances are they will just be a dream.

For example, having a financial goal of "earning 1 million dollars a year" will not help you - it is a dream. However, if you changed this to "earn 1 million dollars per year through my 12 Internet Marketing Sites by 2012", you are making the goals relevant to you. You can then easily break this down into smaller goals, and actively look at how to achieve them.

The more meaningful your goal is, the further away from a dream it is, and the higher your chances of achieving success will be.

In addition to having meaningful goals, you should also make them positive. Writing your goals in the positive keeps you a lot more motivated and helps to keep negative thoughts out of your head. For example, having a goal that states "I will be healthy, have lots of energy and weigh my ideal weight of 70kg" is a lot better than having a goal that states "I need to lose 10kg".

If you want your goals to be more than dreams then you need to actively think about them and make them meaningful and positive to you. Of course there is hard work required to do this, but the rewards you will have when you achieve your goals will be priceless.

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