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Focus Is Like A Magnifying Glass

Magnifying glassImage by the Italian voice via FlickrBy Elvire Smith

At a recent seminar, a successful women, Louise Taylor, said: "Focus more on your desire than on your doubt, and the dream will take care of itself. You may be surprised at how easily this happens. Your doubts are not as powerful as your desires, unless you make them so." How does that resonate with you?

Let me talk a bit about focus here, because once you understand what it is you may want to pay more attention to it.

Remember when you were younger, and playing with a magnifying glass you parents let you have, you either burnt leaves, or you burnt a hole in your pants, which did not make your parents happy, then again THEY gave you the magnifying glass in the first place, right, so what was their problem, or you might even have burnt yourself a blister on your skin.

How does that work?

Simple, the energy of the sun is all around us, even on cloudy days, yet when you harness this incredible power, it becomes white hot and it can burn anything, the more you harness it the more and faster it burns.

Hmm, interesting. Did you know that you have that very same energy at your disposal to use for your own good, that it is inside of you, all the time, 100% present? Bet you never thought of that before, you are energy, the same energy that can be turned into anything you can possibly think of.

This is part of your thought process, energy IS your thought. Thinking is creating pictures of what you want in your life. The more you think about it or focus on these pictures, the more your picture becomes clear and the more you attract it to you.

The more intense your focus, the bigger the attraction-factor. So, if you want something really bad, think about it constantly, every single second of the day. See yourself already in the possession of it, and experience how good that feels. Feeling is energy as well, created by your thoughts, your thoughts create any vibration you choose, we call that feeling. So think well, and feel well as a result of it.

Keep doing this all day long and watch what happens. You will amaze yourself. Things will go better for you and you will feel better about how well things work for you, it's like a ping-pong game, or like a computer - good information in, good information out, garbage in, garbage out.

PS: The same applies to something you definitely do NOT want in your life - like debt or breast cancer - the more you focus on it, the more you attract it! Think about THAT next time you watch TV and see all those ads flying by about pills for diseases - what do you think that does for you? It simply keeps the awareness of attracting it to you alive, constantly. Do you really want any of those diseases? Just focus on your DESIRES!!!!! Think about it.

Elvire Smith, LifeSuccess Consultant, inspires women to discover how to create the life of their dreams by teaching tools to make them come true in their lifetime. "You become what you think about!" Think about your dream life, imagine it, plan it, achieve it. Elvire can be reached at:

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