Friday, June 17, 2011

Do The Words, "I'll Try" Instill Confidence?

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What does "I'll try" say to you?

Does it instill any confidence in you that someone is going to TRY to do something?

It almost sounds like an excuse to fail. I tried but I failed ... better luck next time.

Try, try with all your might,
don't give up with out a fight.
If you do you'll surely fail
Do more than TRY you will prevail.

Sometimes trying is just not enough.

It all starts in our mind. We don't give our mind enough credit because we don't understand the power of our mind. Obviously our minds are so powerful that we can convince ourself that we are freezing on a 100 degree day.

If you don't think that is possible, maybe you can explain a man who got trapped in a freezer and froze to death. Workers found him the next day, he died of hypothermia because he was convinced he would freeze being trapped in the freezer. He convinced himself to death, the only problem was that the freezer had been unplugged and was scheduled for repair.

Are you aware of what that little voice in your mind that is convincing you "to do" or telling you that you "can't do"? With one little tweak that little voice could be your best friend, you biggest fan and a cheering crowd, all for you and all it takes is one little tweak. Everyone has something different to tweak or change in their life in order to change from a person who tries to a "doer".

Have you looked up the word TRY? This is what you will find:

Try: To make an attempt or effort to do something ... This is the sentence the dictionary uses: "None of them tried very hard", "He tried the maneuver" (did he complete it, and was it in an airplane?)

Trying is making an attempt. To try someone is to put them on trial. Many times the word try is put with the word "out" so you can "try it out". Do you want to be a person who tries or a "doer"?

All it takes is one small tweak, we were once only people who tried and now we are "doers", we are sure of the one tweak that will move you in the direction you want to go. All you need to do is make a decision to be a "doer" and take the action that will "do the trick" for you.

Make that decision and we will help you discover the tweak that you need. You deserve to know, it will change your life forever.

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